Floki CFO was created to complete the ecosystem started by Floki CEO.

Now the team decided to increase things by creating Floki CFO 2.0, because all great CEOs have an ingenious CFO all thinking ahead.

Floki CEO is a token inspired by Elon Musk's tweets.

Red Floki CEO is a token inspired by Elon Musk's activities.

Floki CFO is the brain behind everything and also a supporter for all Floki Projects. We are a community.

Floki CFO holders will receive 6% of every transaction in FLOKI CEO.

FLOKI CFO 2.0 holders will receive 4% of every transaction in FLOKI CFO.

FLOKI CFO - using financial power to make everythng possible.

Floki CEO gave a sign and people heeded its call. What if the price falls and the hype shrinks? Floki CFO is here to help and solve this.

  • By holding FLOKI CFO 2.0 holders earn 4% rewards in FLOKI CFO. Besides, by holding FLOKI CFO they receive 6% rewards in FLOKI CEO.
  • Safe and Secure. PinkSale Badges ensure investors we are legit and we are here to make a difference. Liquidity is locked at PinkSale and the team have no tokens.
  • 100% transparent. Our smart contract is build and it has SAFU and Audit Badges by PinkSale. The project has KYC and Doxx Badges also.
  • Hold Floki CFO and earn 6% rewards in Floki CEO. Hold FLOKI CFO 2.0 and earn 4% rewards in Floki CFO, we want to help investors to increase their positions without investing more money.

Tokenomics & Stats $FLOKICFO


The Timeline

Floki CFO is going to follow the same steps Floki Ceo and Red Floki Ceo tracked.
The Big Dream is to get listed on 20 Exchanges in 2 months.